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4 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

4 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Some people who have heard the phrase “self-care” think it is synonymous with selfishness. In reality, self-care is fuel for your soul, like the gas you need for your car. You can’t drive your kids to school or run errands without gas, and if you are constantly low on gas, you’re always anxious that you’ll run out in the middle of something important.

Self-care recharges and refuels you, empowering you to feel excited and energized about taking care of even the most tedious and mundane responsibilities. This is especially true for entrepreneurs. Your passion is your work and your work is your passion. It’s easy to burn out. That’s what makes self-care crucial to your overall well-being and the overall success of your business. Live Right recommends the following ways entrepreneurs can do self-care.

Get active for a physical and mental health boost.

Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people out there. It’s hard to find time to exercise. Exercise will not only help you manage the stress of your work, but it will also boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health, and help eliminate sleep disorders. You can walk, run, jog, bike, practice yoga, do aerobics and strength train— in a gym or at home with online live-streaming classes. You’ll find yourself happier, healthier and more productive.

Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
Many entrepreneurs invest more than just their blood, sweat and tears into their work—they also invest a great deal of money. That’s why many see the value, from a financial standpoint, to form a limited liability company (LLC). Not only can you save (and even make!) money from specific tax breaks and limited liability insurance, but you can also apply for business loans and credit cards and take out a business line of credit. If you decide to look into this further, but feel overwhelmed, just remember that there are companies who can file all the necessary paperwork for you, making sure you get your business off the ground and running in no time.

Clear the air for a fresh start.
The global pandemic has isolated many entrepreneurs in their homes where work begins to clutter up their living areas. Maybe this clutter is holding you back, or maybe it’s a different kind of clutter, one that is more emotional. Maybe your kids are remote learning or your partner is working from home, too. The closeness can be bonding and beneficial, but it can also cause crowding, leading to more conflict. Eliminate the negative energy surrounding you in your home. Get a clean slate for your emotional and physical slate well-being in this next chapter of your professional life.

Take a self-care getaway.
Even with the COVID-19 travel restrictions, there are many ways to have a safe, enjoyable mini-break for self-care. Think about what relaxes you and go from there. An immersion in nature is both relaxing and safe, you have a spectrum of styles—from camping to private cabins. If you enjoy the water, find a secluded cabin on a lake. For those who prefer snow, a snowshoeing excursion can help you experience some incredible wildlife. Almost anywhere in the U.S., you can find a hiking trail system that can provide you the kind of silence and solitude that can kick start self-care.

When you neglect self-care, all other areas of your life— without exception—will suffer. You may think your overpacked calendar can’t handle self-care, but if you are feeling burned out, depressed, lethargic or drained, then it’s time to think again. Try these suggestions to explore self-care, and see how it can benefit you and your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ready to start taking better care of yourself? Check out Live Right’s In-Home Personal Training today!

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