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Building Muscles

Its now January 16th. Its been 16 days since you made your New Years resolution, are you sticking to it? How is it going?

If you turned your resolution into a routine you are probably one of the people who are sticking to it. Its easier to stick to your resolution if it has now become part of your routine.  Keep in mind that at day 21, most resolutions have defined their path. Either they have lasted this long and will continue to last, or they have already started to fade away. 

Before the last little bits of the inspiration from the month of December fads away, try to reestablish your goals. Take action and contact whom ever you can to help you stick to your goal. If your goal is fitness and health related, call now for an at home personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you and hold you accountable to stick to your resolutions. 

I felt that needed to be addressed... but lets move forward.

How To Create Muscle

Following a plan is a key element. In the first 3 month of lifting weights you will see a visible definition in your muscles. The muscles are tearing and repairing themselves. Additionally, they might swell from water retention. After the initial 3 months it is crucial to stick with a plan. Repetition is key, the number of times you do an exercise will help you. Doing 15 reps 3 times will build your muscles. However, do not do it ever day. You should alternate between muscle groups. For example, if one day you are doing back and triceps, the next day workout your lower body. A personal trainer can guide you and show you the proper way to achieve the body you want. An at home personal trainer can show you which at home exercises are the most beneficial.

It's best to start working out under the guidance of a personal trainer. The expertise and knowledge will help you workout where quality will count over quantity.  


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