Exercise Your Way To Better Mental Health

Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health - Written by Stephanie Haywood of mylifeboost.comHas the coronavirus pandemic left you feeling down in the dumps? It’s normal to feel anxious about the state of the world right now, but there may be another culprit behind your slipping mental health: a lack…

How To Squat Properly

Lets focus on one exercises and see how you can implement it into your daily life. The primary goal here is for you to be able have the correct form while exercising. Without the proper form you are wasting your time. You

Prevent Muscle Loss

What does 14 days without a workout do to you? Whats the natural way our bodies deteriorate after missing a workout? Well lets start with how long it takes to build muscle and break down

Virtual Personal Training

So many of us have more time then usual on our hands or are at home. Gyms are closed, exercises classes are cancelled, yet your snack cabinet is full. Memes about "Quarantine 15" are flying around. You are sure that you do not want to be an example of that.…
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