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How To Squat Properly

Lets focus on one exercises and see how you can implement it into your daily life. The primary goal here is for you to be able have the correct form while exercising. Without the proper form you are wasting your time. You

can do 100 squats but you will see no result unless you have the proper form. You can push your self to plank for a minute but without the proper form there is no point. 
Here is the breakdown on how to squat properly:

Start by standing up straight and planting your feet hips distance apart. 
Keeping your heels firmly planted on the floor. 
Lower your glutes towards the floor as though you are sitting down. 
Keeping your knees behind your toes at all times.
Pause when your knees are at a 90 degree angle and your butt is pressed out behind you.
Stand up, by pushing the center of your feet into the ground and activating your hamstrings.

If you are a beginner repeat this 10 times if you are more advanced and exercise regularly, than repeat the movement in reps of 8 for 5 times. Totaling 40 squats. There are many squat challenges that you can join once you have the proper form. Additionally an experienced exerciser can add weight to the squat or incorporate a resistance band into the work. Just remember, proper form is key to seeing results.

The benefits of squatting daily: Your sit bones were not created to be parked on a chair for so many hours of the day. If you do not use your muscles they will become weak. The famous saying "Use them or Lose them" is accurate. The muscles you activate when doing a squat are muscles that help you stand up from a chair, they help you walk up and down steps, the muscles provide general stability to the body when standing upright. These muscles get you off the toilet when your done doing your duty! The muscles you strengthen while doing a squat are essential for your daily voluntary movement. Squatting is an action done daily. Keeping the muscles strong will enable you to keep squatting until you are old. 

The following muscles are activated when you do a squat, the glutemas maximums, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles. Those muscles get stronger with each repetition. The ankle and knee joints are also "oiled" upon doing these movements. Tighten and control your core while doing the squatting motion will give you strong core muscles as well. A core workout can be integrated into a squat movement. 

The correct breathing pattern for squatting is generally exhale down, inhale up. However, if you are loaded with weights, it is "exhale on exertion". If you hold your breath you will be restricting proper oxygen flow and your muscles will tire quicker.

Common Mistakes: 
The pressure is applied to the knee joint instead of the appropriate muscles.
The person exercising curves their back instead of keeping the back straight.
The knees protrude over the toes. 
People hold their breath while squatting.

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