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New Years Health Resolutions and Sticking To Them

One of the most common New Years resolutions that people create is to have a healthier year.

This might  mean going to the gym, exercising at home, doing a daily workout, eating better and having a balanced diet. Here at LiveRight with LR we can help you accomplish your New Years resolutions. Our mobile personal trainers, online nutritionists, at home personal trainers are here to help you. 

A quick few quick tips on how to actually stick to your exercise resolutions. We dont want them to be forgotten by Mid July. 


The key is to start with something that you can actually implement into your daily lifestyle. Start small. For example,

join a squat challenge that you can follow from home. Committee to walking to a nearby store instead of driving. Drink 8 cups of water a day. People who start with small steps that they stick to end up accomplishing more then someone who takes on a large commitment. Large commitments rarely last past March. You can also work with one of our personal trainers in Denver to set up your achievable goal. If your goal is weight lose, think 1 lb at a time, do not overwhelm yourself by thinking about the amount you need to lose. Break it down to small goals you can accomplish. 



Sign up for a program, pay money for a membership, include a friend on your resolution. Tell your family what your goal is. Include another person in your goal. Having someone work with you will make you feel more accountable. Alternatively, spend money on your goal, If you pay money for a service you won't want to waste it. Creating a commitment with a friend will keep you motivated as well. Pay a personal trainer to guide you, you know the trainer will be there you so will you. Someone else holding you accountable to stick to your commitment will cause you to be more committed.


Create a habit. It takes a minimum of 40 days to take something youve started and turn it into a habit. Push yourself for the first 40 days and then it will get easier. Additionally thinking in short term, is less overwhelming. Set some sort of reminder . Check in with a daily mobile personal trainer or at home trainer. Have a set time of day that you accomplish your task. For example 30 minutes before bed you attempt a plank challenge. 90 days for abs! 


Talk to yourself

This might sound like a joke but honestly, the voices inside your head are more powerful then anything else. Consistent positive reinforcement goes a long way! Psych yourself up and get going. You will be successful. Tell yourself you want to do this. Your commitment to a daily workout, your commitment to drinking more water, your commitment to losing weight, your commitment to a healthier you. You have the power to choose and re-choose to succeed. 


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See you on the road to success!







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