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How to Properly Plank

If you were only capable of doing one exercise a day and that was all you could commit to: Learn how to plank, plank everyday, all day. The plank is the best exercise for your body. When done correctly, the plank can have multiple benefits. From the top of your body, it will strengthen your trapezoids and rhomboids. In the center of your body it strengthens your chest, spine, and transverse abdominal muscle.

In the lower body, it works the glutes and calf muscles.  In short, your full body gets a workout. 

By strengthening the trap, rhomboids, and spine you are helping your posture, which can resolve back pain. With the center of your body working you can create a muscular stomach, a flat stomach and a great physic. So many benefits from one exercise.

Why Plank

Many people use the plank for different purposes. A pregnant women can do a plank to strengthen her core and work her pelvic girdle. A boxer will do the plank to increase core ability. Most yoga classes have some variation of the plank in it. The plank is a body weight exercise that can take many forms. You can easily simplify or intensify the exercise. 

How To Plank

To properly do the plank you must have your body in a straight line from the crown of you head until your heals. Your arms are extended and supporting you, and your toes are bent into the floor. You body is elevated into the air and your core is engaged. You squeeze your gluets together and push your heels away from you. Let your chest fall between your shoulders, do not lift your spin to the ceiling. Make sure your butt is lowered and not hunched up in the area like a camels hump.  Double check that your stomach is doing the work and not your lower back. If you feel pain in the lower back, raise your belly up and tuck your hips towards your shoulders. Breath deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. A common mistake is holding your breath. Do not hold your breath. It shortens the time span that you can actually hold the position for. You think holding your breath is helping you, but it is actually restricting you. Complicated? Yes! Achievable? Yes! Do it everyday? YES! At home workout? YES!

Build Up Your Strength

If its your first time, set a stop watch and hold this position as long as possible. When you cant do it any longer stop the watch. The time on the watch will be your starting sample. The next day you will do the plank for as long as you did it the first time plus 5 seconds. On the 3rd day you will do the plank for as long as you did on the second day plus 5 seconds. Keep building up until you reach at least a minute. If you can, repeat the plank 3 times everyday. 

In the beginning it will be very difficult to hold your body up. As your strength grows it will become easier. when you are more proficient, look back at these tips and see if you can integrate all the notes into your daily practice. 

Quickly, you will see your strength increase and you will see all the positive results. Within 6 weeks of consistent practice you will see your core shape change. When looking down at your belly you will see to muscular  lines show up on either side of your transverse abdominal muscle. Sexy and Strong. This at home workout is very achievable. It takes only 3 minutes a day. If you are not sure how to get into the proper form, our mobile trainers in Denver can teach you, or our personal trainers in Denver can pay you a visit and help you out. Schedule an at home personal trainer in Denver, or book a mobile personal training session now. 

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