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Strong and Pregnant: How To Remain Healthy & Strong During Pregnancy

It is important for a woman who is pregnant to exercise properly. Exercising during pregnancy can help a woman maintain her energy, have an easier time during delivery, and have a better recovery. Working out properly during pregnancy can reduce common aches and pains.

Additionally, it is said that exercising while pregnant helps increase the intelligence of the fetus. The benefits of a mother exercising while pregnant have been visible in children up until age seven. The child has more skills, is beter at adapting to situations, and can be intellectually advanced. There are amazing benefits to exercising while pregnant.

Benefits of Exercising While Pregant

It is important for the mother to be to have the proper guidance. Pregnant women are not fragile, if anything they have incredible herculean strength. Working out while pregnant can continually help the mother feel good throughout her trimesters. Being pregnant can come with many aches and pains that can be resolved through working out. A pre-or post natal certified personal trainer can be extremely helpful during the nine months a woman is pregnant. A personal trainer can help the pregnant mother strength in her pelvic floor, guide her through Diaphragmatic breathing, and teach her how to stay strong throughout her pregnancy.  A Pre-and post natal personal trainer can also help pregnant women strengthen their core without tearing their transverse abdominal  muscle. Many exercises are pregnancy safe as long as they are done with the proper guidance. It is important to strengthen the pelvic floor while pregnant because it is the main muscle that is holding and supporting the fetus. If the mother to be can gain strength and control over her pelvic floor she can alleviate pressure during pregnancy and hopefully be able to achieve a smooth delivery as well. Being able to control contractions and meditate through the pain is a technique used to prepare pregnant ladies for labor and delivery.

Exercises By Trimester

Throughout the different trimesters the woman is capable of different exercises. In the first trimester she is capable of all the exercises she has been doing Prior to becoming pregnant. She has taught how to breathe properly, activate muscles instead of joints, And engage the pelvic floor. During the second trimester, we discourage supine extension and any exercises that can pull the transverse abdominal muscle the wrong way. We stay away from ab crunches, leg lifts, sit ups and exercises that can tear the TVA. When done correctly, planks, squats, and lunges  are OK and safe for the pregnant woman. During the third trimester, The trainer must make sure to consistently check in with the mom to be in see how she is feeling. The intensity of the work out can vary depending on how she is feeling.  Often the in-home personal trainer will work on body weight strength training and cardio. This is a very general breakdown of Training throughout a woman’s pregnancy.

Do It Right

An at home personal trainer that is certified in prenatal exercise can teach you a lot and help you manage your discomfort throughout pregnancy. You will experience a higher level of stress management, and energy on the days that you exercise with a trailer. It is not necessary to be a gym member or go to a gym in order to get the proper training while pregnant. Here at LiveRight we have trainers who come to your home and can really guide and train you throughout your pregnancy.

Many different types of workouts can be done while pregnant. The good news is that the very basics of working out while pregnant can be done in your home. All you will need is a comfortable flat surface to lie down on and the proper personal trainer to teach you what to do. Our pre & Post natal certified trainers help pregnant women stay strong and progress properly while expecting. Our at home or mobile personal trainers, are trainers that come to your home and guide women who are more then six weeks postpartum, to recovering their strength and re-gaining a healthy core.

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