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Prevent Muscle Loss

What does 14 days without a workout do to you? Whats the natural way our bodies deteriorate after missing a workout?
Well lets start with how long it takes to build muscle and break down 

this discussion from there.

Someone who is going to the gym and strength training, 2- 3 times a week for 45 minutes will build muscles and see results in approximately 8 weeks. This is assuming the individual is eating the proper amount of protein and is maintaining a balanced diet. A healthy amount of protein is approximately 0.8 Grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for someone who is no longer growing.

Now, it is unfortunate that our bodies loose our muscle strength and aerobic endurance much quicker then it takes to build. The fitter someone is and the more they workout the longer they will retain their strength and fitness. Within 12-21 days of stopping your strength training workout you will see a superficial decrees in the size of your muscles due to the lack of water and glycogen in your muscles. The physical size of your muscles will be the same even if they appear smaller to you. Without water and glycogen your muscles are a deflated however, your actual internal mass of the muscle remains the same. Your actual muscle mass might not change within the two or three weeks without working out , yet you will notice a significant decrees in your strength and stamina. Your muscles will not be as strong as they used to be. After 21 days, the mass of your muscles gradually starts to decrees depending on how sedentary your are. Your body will retain enough muscles mass to maintain stability but extra muscle fads away.

Now for the good news!

Muscle memory is a real thing! Myonuclien gained while doing multiple reps of exercises, linger for a very long time. According to some, myonuclien might last forever. What does this mean for you? this mean that if you had been previously committed to the gym and have been temporarily forced to take a break from working out, when you restart your workouts, you will see your muscle strength and ability restore itself within 4-5 weeks of consistent workouts. Someone who lifted weights permanently altered the makeup of their muscles. It will take a shorter amount of time to rebuild your muscles, and regain your full strength, then it did the first time around. The same holds true to anyone who worked on a excelling in a specific sport or project. Relearning how to do something is always easier then learning it for a first time. A marathon runner who takes a break from running will be able to rebuild their speed and stamina quicker then someone who is training for the first time.

If you have already been away from your workouts for a while, get started on a home routine to prevent farther degradation of your strength and muscles. Start rebuilding and achieving your fitness goals again.
Here at LiveRight with LR, we can customize an at home workout for you, you can have a virtual personal trainer work with you, and we will help you maintain your muscle mass and stamina. Your muscles know the rule, "Use it, or Lose it", sign up today to prevent further muscle loss. Contact us for more information.

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