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Virtual Personal Training

So many of us have more time then usual on our hands or are at home.  Gyms are closed, exercises classes are cancelled, yet your snack cabinet is full. Memes about "Quarantine 15" are flying around. You are sure that you do not want to be an example of that. So what are you going to do?  Give a Virtual Personal Training session a try! 

At LiveRight with LR, We are offering virtual video personal training session on multiple platforms such as, Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp Video Chat. WE want you to remain committed, remain fit, stay healthy and of course stay active. There is no reason to miss your daily workouts!

Book a session with a virtual personal trainer and you will feel like you are being held accountable for what you eat and your activity time. Working out with a virtual trainer feels like the trainer is right beside you the whole time. Yes, we can see you and correct your form during a virtual training session. As long as you camera and screen are appropriately situated, you will be able to have a full body view of the personal trainer and the trainer will be able to have a good view of you. The trainer might instruct you to rearrange the camera when necessary.

A 45 min zoom session with a personal trainer will get you sweaty and feeling good. It will help you beat the feeling of sluggishness and the coped up feelings that many of us are currently having. A Zoom workout with a personal trainer is like a magic pill to get ride of cabin fever. If the weather is nice near your home you can even take your trainer outside and complete an outdoor workout. And yet another perk? Take your personal trainer with you wherever you go. Easy to keep in your pocket. Simple to connect and use at anytime. Hop online and book a session now. All you need is internet access and a screen. We will provide you with step by step instructions for the rest. 

Our verbal cues are clear enough for you to follow along, the trainer is visible the entire time and will be doing a live demonstration of the appropriate exercises . Our creative Personal trainers think on their feet and are able to create customized workouts for our clients on the spot. If this will be your first time working out with LiveRight, have no fear you will have an appropriate first workout. The first session will be also dedicated to discovering your current fitness level and current physical capabilities. The exercises will adapted to your needs and ability. This is not a "one workout fits all" style company. We have a " this workout fit YOU" approach. What you need is what we will give you. If you are new to the fitness world, dont worry, we will guide you. If you are a seasoned gym rat, we will advance you. We want to work with you to help you maintain your health strengthen your immune system and get you to stay healthy.

Virtual training does not compromise on the social distance regulations. We remain in our home and you remain in yours. Get in your workout while maintaining proper social distancing. Prevent the quarantine 15! Nope this is not a 21 day ab challenge or 10 day quick fix. LiveRight offers a long term option for people who are away from the gym yet still want to beat the sedentary life style. Lets start exercising with our family and friends regardless of our circumstances. Its hard to stay motivated in this time. Yet, if a personal trainer is calling you and holding you accountable, your workout it will happen! Even when you are not in the mood the sense of commitment will motivate you to not be a couch potato. Lets get through this situation together. 


In addition, to LiveRight currently providing you with daily workouts and personal training sessions, at this time we are also offering Virtual dietary counseling.  LiveRight with LR, will also hold you accountable for the food that you eat and your nutrition during this time. Our dietitians are virtually present throughout the day and available at anytime to create a food plan for you or review prior food logs. Take advantage of the price drop and the ability to workout from home with a personal trainer and ability to check in with a registered dietitian from home. If you are at work or on a tight schedule our team can work on your schedule as well.  

Remember working out and staying active is being encouraged! The CDC and all health professional are telling you to get out and be active. Let us help you be active. Call us today and we will work with you to get started. 

Oh, And I almost forgot... Here is a short at home workout that you can do with your family today. Add it into your routine and your kids will be releasing their abundant energy in a good way. 

Jog in Place - 1 min

Jumping Jack - 1 min

Pop Squats- 1 min

Sidestep - 1 min

Burpies ( our all time favorite) - Min


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