You can’t talk about anything related to fitness without bringing up protein. It’s become a colloquial topic of discussion in the fitness and health industries. Bodybuilders and personal trainers alike won’t stop talking about protein and how it has benefited them. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there on the topic of protein. A lack of clarity can leave most people with unanswered questions. What are the health benefits of protein? How much do I need everyday? Is there such a thing as too much protein? Our nutritionists wanted to clear the air on this topic and discuss our thoughts on protein.

Winter is officially in full swing. The weather is gray, the sun hides behind the clouds, and it constantly feels a bit dreary outside. During these bleak months, we’ve all experienced our fair share of the winter blues. On any given wintery day, you might have 2 cups of coffee with a healthy balanced breakfast, and yet you still feel down. You don't feel energetic, focused, or motivated. What can you do to chase away those wintertime blues? An in home exercise routine is the perfect quick fix!

Achieving better health is not always easy. We all come from different backgrounds, which means we all experience different health struggles. For many people, proper nutrition can be a bit of a mystery. Which foods should I avoid? How can I lose weight fast? Is there a diet that’s right for me? The best online nutrition coach can clear up any confusion you might have on your nutritional needs. Finding the right nutrition coach for you can often come with its own difficulties too.

It’s no secret that Denver has become increasingly popular over the years. With an always surging population, the Mile High city is growing in numerous ways on a daily basis. If you work in downtown Denver, you reap the most benefits because you have a wider selection of options. However, this can present a challenging problem for some people. With all the personal trainers in downtown Denver, how can you possibly know which is the best choice for you? We wanted to share some advice to aide your decision process.

Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the entire US. In fact, this great Centennial state is ranked as the 8th healthiest state in the country. With easy access to the mountains and tons of outdoor activities, many people can easily achieve healthy weight loss in Colorado. But, even if you’re physically active, you will fail to lose weight if you have poor nutrition. Bad eating habits and improper nutrition will almost always prevent you from reaching your fitness goals. Jessica Crandall said it best: “You cannot outrun your mouth.”

It may sound redundant, maybe even a little strange. But, the winter is one of the best times of the year to try an aqua aerobics workout! It’s far too cold to brave an evening run on those dangerous icy sidewalks. And even the most seasoned fitness enthusiasts can get cabin fever in the gym. Plus, the winter is the perfect time to take vacations to warmer, sunnier places where you’ll end up relaxing by the pool. You need to exercise, even when you’re on vacation. If you’re looking for a new and engaging workout, then you should consider aquarobics! At LiveRight, our personal trainers love to teach lead these workouts throughout the whole year, even in the winter.

It’s not always easy to stay in shape during the holiday season. We all want to look our very finest during for those special holidays, however it’s often easier said than done. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, all of us are overeating plenty throughout the holiday season. Combine those excessive meals with little to no exercise and it’s no wonder that we gain weight during the holidays. Your holiday weight gain can become even worse from things like shopping stress and holiday parties. Our personal trainers would like to share some of the best ways that you can avoid weight gain over the holidays and stay in shape.

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How You Can Best Train For A Marathon

It’s not always easy to train for a marathon. You need to physically prepare your body to run nonstop for roughly 26 miles. That’s a lengthy distance to travel in a short amount of time. However, with the proper training and the right technique, you can crush your upcoming marathon. At LiveRight, our personal trainers have completed tons of marathons and we’ve trained a number of marathon runners as well. We’d love to share with you some great running tips and the most effective ways to train for a marathon.

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