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Hi there! Yes, you! Welcome to the place where personal trainers, dietitians, and clients alike all congregate. We strive to make your personal health and wellness a number one priority for you and for us. Every single person has the ability to take control of their life and achieve personal wellness. However, it isn’t always easy to start out on a fitness journey. Everyone comes from a different background with different genetics and predispositions. Those factors create unique personal situations, which can greatly influence the individual fitness journey.

It seems like everyday gets busier and busier. Between Denver’s hectic traffic and your professional responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to get a good workout in. To work around this problem, many people subscribe to in home personal training. There are a number of terrific health benefits associated with these personal trainers. There are some benefits that aren’t as widely discussed, though. They may not be as eye-catching as “convenience” or “privacy,” but they’re still important enough to merit a discussion.

The personal trainers of LiveRight work diligently support the fitness of just about any person. No matter who you are or what you’re going through, we can develop a personalized fitness plan to meet your goals. Our personal trainers even specialize in prenatal workouts and postnatal workouts. We’ve trained extensively with the professional of Fit For Birth, and we’ve learned the best practices from the Fit Pregnancy Club of New York City. Over the years, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of prenatal workouts and how to best integrate fitness into any stage of a pregnancy. LiveRight is here to help pregnant women improve their strength and create healthy eating habits for their pregnancy.

You cannot undervalue the importance of your personal fitness. It’s the central pillar to leading a long, healthy, and happy life. But, we all know the common struggles associated with the gym. The frustrating commutes, the pricey memberships, and the overcrowded gyms that impede your workouts. It can feel like an overwhelming daily commitment for a healthy lifestyle. Your personal fitness can become a little easier when you work with personal trainers that come to your home. Trust us, you’re missing out on a lot when you don’t work with these trainers.

You can hit the gym hard, do an evening run every night, and exercise as much as you want, but that exercise won’t matter unless you’re meeting your nutritional needs. Whether you want to lose weight or tack on muscle, how you eat matters just as much as how you exercise. Eating healthy is easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone! A virtual nutrition coach can teach you how to eat and cook healthy to help you reach your fitness goals. Sometimes all you need to get in shape is the best online nutrition coach for you.

Running is an activity that can be done practically anywhere, any time. All you really need is a good pair of running shoes! And maybe some running clothing, just to keep you comfortable. Running really is an amazing way to build endurance and get fit! Still, for some, getting started can be a bit intimidating. Especially if they have had difficulty with physical exericse in the past. To help, we put together a few motivators, helpful tips, and crucial insights on the proper running technique for beginners.

If you’ve made the decision to hire a personal trainer, you’ve likely thought through the pros and cons of the investment. Arriving at this decision is not something many people take lightly, as personal training is often a big investment of time and resources. However, people make this decision because they have goals they want to achieve. So, we’ve covered why you might hire a trainer, but what are the things you should be considering when you are determining who you should hire? The Denver area is filled to the brim with people who specialize in all kinds of different disciplines, weight loss and physical fitness included. Let’s talk about the different factors to consider when hiring downtown Denver personal trainers.

Summer is quickly coming to a close, which means sweatshirt and leggings weather is right around the corner. For many people, this means they start to slack on their fitness routine and wait until the looming threat of a swimsuit pushes them back into the gym. If you’re tired of this cycle, you’re not alone. In the fitness industry, we see people struggle with the same things over and over again. It was for this reason we wanted to come up with a model that helped people put a stop to the never ending cycle of weight gain and loss. The idea of a mobile personal trainer stuck for us - and for many of our clients, too! Let’s talk about how to determine if a mobile personal trainer in Denver is right for you and what the next steps might look like for you.

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